Frequently Asked Questions


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Are there any reoccurring charges?
No, none at all, you pay a one-time fee and you own the video forever.

If I use one of your actors, do they retain any rights to my video?
No, you retain all rights to the video. Our actors sign away all rights to the videos they are in, on the day of the shoot.

Can I have music in my video and will I have to worry about copyright infringement issues if I use music?
Music is a personal choice in these sorts of spokesperson videos... Some people prefer to have the viewer focus only on the words being spoken, while others enjoy the fullness of a video with a musical background. We possess a large library of music we own the rights to, and have the ability of adding music to your videos if you request it.

How long does it take for me to get my order?
HGSM will most often be able to deliver all orders within 5 business days if you are using one of our professional actors. If you are appearing in the video yourself, as the spokesperson, we will have to work around your schedule for a day to film.

Do I have to pay extra to use a professional actor?
No you do not, it's a FREE option which is open to you at any time before the day of the shoot.

I have seen on some of the websites where a model is walking in from right to left or the other way around. Does this option cost anything extra?
With many other companies it would, BUT with HGSM there are NO additional fees added to customize your video presentation with walk-in effects.

Do I have to write my own script?
With most other companies you would, or you would have to pay extra to have one written BUT with HGSM there are NO additional fees added, HGSM will write your script for you FREE of charge.

Can I write my own script?
Sure, if you would like to.

I'm not a professional actor, how will I memorize the script you write for me, if I'm doing my own video?
You won't, we use tele-prompters, all you will have to do is look into the cameras and read. (and... smile occasionally)

Once I place an order how do I tell you what I want the model/s to wear or how to express themselves?
It is our standard practice to contact every client before production begins. Our production team, will go over all aspects of production including, garment requirements, expression, effects and the script with you before shooting your video presentation.

How long are the videos? Am I charged extra for longer ones?
Almost all other companies have a sliding scale for their videos, based on how long it is... We do not!
Your video can be:
30 seconds, ( about 100 words)
60 Seconds, ( about 200 words)
90 seconds, ( about 250 words)
We do not recommend videos which run longer than 90 seconds, but if you have a special need, call us and we can talk about it.

Do you provide instructions on how to integrate your final product into my web page?
HGSM will integrate it for you for FREE. Or, if you prefer, we will provide you with all the necessary, easy to follow instructions to do it yourself.

Do I need to make any changes to my web design?
No, HGSM's product is fully transparent. It will overlay itself onto your web design and will be just a single line of code in your website.

What languages can videos be shot in?
If you are going to be your own spokesperson, it can be in any language you speak. If we are going to use a professional actor, currently we have the capability of producing video presentations in English and Spanish.

If I am a returning client and I want to update or change my video, can I get a discount?
Yes you can, returning clients receive a 25% discount on their 2nd video. (This holds true for two videos shot in the same day as well, the 2nd would receive the discount)