YOU... can walk across the screen of YOUR OWN WEBSITE, and personally greet your clients!
This Works on any website, one you already have up and running, or a new one you have us build for you. (See our services page, we build amazing websites from the ground up)

Connect with customers in a NEW personal way, that makes them feel like they already know you!

With "HUNTER GREEN SCREEN MARKETING" you can take advantage of our cutting-edge video technology, which can be used to turn ANYONE, into a professional video spokesperson.

We offer Video spokesperson walk ons, Internet video ads, "Web-commercials" Video Banner Ads and video emails.

It's so effective and informative, you'll connect with your customers in a new personal way, that drives them to take action!

Being an Online Spokesperson, you can introduce yourself and your company, guide viewer traffic around your site, instruct new clients to fill out lead forms, and dynamically drive calls to action . We'll custom tailor your message any way you wish. There's really no limit to what we can do for you!


Using a Video Spokesperson has been proven to provide a consistent increase in customer action, creating a return on investment that you can't afford to miss out on. No other company offers the Depth of Technology, Attention to Detail, Artistic Style and Customer Satisfaction that you will find under one roof at Hunter Green Screen! Don't be fooled by imitators with quick sales pitches and low ball deals, we do the complete job; From initial concept, all the way through to installing your video onto your website (installation is free by the way).

We have many professional actors and actresses available to choose from.
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